Style Blender offers several opportunities for you to earn extra shopping points as well as extra cash!

What better way to introduce your friends to Style Blender than with a party?  We will provide the wine and snacks and you bring friends!  Here is how it works:
  • Invite 5 or more of your friends to a Get Together at Style Blender.  
  • You pick the time and we will reserve the Style Blender closet just for you and your friends during that time frame. 
  • We will send the Invite and we will provide wine and snacks. 
  • You will automatically receive 500 shopping points credited to your account just for hosting (regardless of whether your friends sign up or not)!
  • PLUS for every friend that signs up for a membership you will receive an additional 50 shopping points credited to your account! 
Getting amazing free clothes is as easy as attending a cocktail party!  

Want to earn a little extra cash every month as well as extra clothes?  Then become a Blender Representative!  If you are a socialite, fashionista, and trendsetter than this is a perfect opportunity for you!  We are looking for recruiters to help us spread the word about Style Blender while earning cash and free clothing.  Here is how it works:
  • Enroll in the Blender Representative Program.
  • Tell people about Style Blender and get them to sign up for a membership.
  • For each new member that you bring in to Style Blender you will receive a commission of $30 cash.  In addition, you will receive 300 shopping points credited to your account!
  • You must bring in a minimum of two new members each month to stay enrolled in the Blender Representative Program.